Chapter 0808 Ladies of Harley (LOH) 

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is a program sponsored by the Harley Owner’s Group (HOG) to support women motorcycle enthusiasts.  You do not have to ride your own bike and there are no dues. The members of LOH run their own meetings and sponsor activities in which both ladies and men can participate.

Who are the LOH?

 Being a member of the LOH is a privilege for all women who have a National HOG membership (full, lifetime or associate) and wishes to participate in the female forum. Whether you ride your own bike or are a passenger you can be a part of LOH as long as you are willing to participate.  Benefits include: membership card, pin (for each year of participation), embroidered patch, participation in all HOG social activities, and the ability to join HOG Chapters and be involved with Chapter activities.


 Simply put, we are a group of women who love Harley Davidsons. We share a common interest in motorcycles and are devoted to spreading the word about the awesome world of riding. We talk about Harleys, we share riding stories, and we participate in many charity events. It doesn't matter if you ride your own bike or are the all-important navigator on the back. The most important part is you love the sport of riding and like having fun!

How to join the LOH?

 LOH affiliation is free of charge to active female H.O.G. members; however, it isn’t automatic.  You must check the box on your national application, sign up by calling l-800-CLUBHOG (1-800-258-2464). Then you can join our local Macon Chapter HOG 0808 and enjoy!

Why is it needed?

 LOH was established to encourage women to become more active in HOG and their local chapters. It is not a separate organization but rather another part of the benefits of HOG. It is not a group of woman trying to separate from the men, but instead trying to encourage more women to be involved in an activity that was traditionally male dominated. More and more women are moving from the passenger seat to their own bikes, but non-riders are very welcome and should not feel intimidated.

What do we do?

 LOH handles a variety of activities and events for the HOG Chapter every year. It is the women within the chapter who enjoy organizing and participating in motorcycle travel, recreational, social and charitable events. Our purpose is to organize and promote activities for the enjoyment by all chapter members and their families. We help with everything from waiver signings, ticket distribution/collection, donation collections, party planning and, of course, preparing/serving food at the various functions. We are always looking for new volunteers with fresh ideas.


LOH would like to welcome our lady members to join us. We have LOH meetings to make plans on activities that we want to be involved in such as charities, fundraisers, overnight rides, day rides, fun activities and we also help HD of Macon with dealership events as we are needed. We are a great group of individuals and are looking for more to join us! We are waiting and looking forward to meeting you!

Come on out and join in for some fun with your Harley friends!!


Sandra Rooks, LOH Director 2018  Sandra Rooks, LOH

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